our story

We are Ohio's first and only 

Relaxation Application Spa. 

Our concept is simple, affordable, relaxation. We have created a new genre of relaxation that is taking the market by storm. We focus strictly on relaxation, relaxation techniques, product application. We strive to provide the best quality of service, from the professional staff, to our tranquil serene settings, and our unique concept of relaxation.

Relaxation Limited prides itself on being real down to earth people. There are no expectations of customers. Every person who enters our doors is treated with the up most dignity, respect and priority. Everyone deserves to relax, and we are here to assist you in that relaxation.

Relaxation Limited was designed to be an escape from the everyday. It was also designed with the knowledge that time is precious, and most importantly, your time is very precious. Not everyone has the ability to get away for days or even hours, so we focus solely on accommodating your schedule. We cater to same day appointments, last minute appointments, as well as walk-ins.

Our ultimate goal is to provide the best service possible. From accommodating various schedules, to always being available, we are here to help you create your personal escape from the everyday life stresses.